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24 Books

image savioz fabrizzi 2015, De aedibus 55, 2015
The 47th volume of the De aedibus editition by the Quartverlag is dedicated to the Sion based architectes savioz fabrizzi
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more projects Fabrizzi Claude

image Monography Jean Baier, 2014
This first monography of the swiss artist presents his public art objects and selected prints and paintings.

image Monography Burckhardt&Partner, 2014
On 18.9.2014 the new book of Burckhardt&Partner with projects from the french part of Switzerland is presented.
more projects Burckhardt & Partner

image 93 lieux, 2014
This book shows projects in the french part of Switzerland from 2002-2010. The theme is the relation between place and architecture.

image Monograph JB Ferrari & Associés, 2012
230 pages has the new book of the Lausanne architects JB Ferrari & Associés where they present about 20 projects. The book is published from Editions Favre SA
more projects Ferrari Jean Baptiste

image Companybook Mercedes Automobil AG, 2012
I could photograph 34 garages of the prestigious carcompany. The architecture, administrationparts and the repairing give a insideview in the Mercedes-world of the carimport company.

image Charles Pictet 2012, De aedibus 47
The 47th volume of the De aedibus editition by the Quartverlag is dedicated to Geneva based architect Charles Pictet
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image Monograph Geninasca Delefortrie, 2011
The first monograph of the architectes from Neuchâtel where they present 20 projects of the last 15 years. For this book I could revisit all buildings to capture the traces of using
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image Monograph Renato Salvi, 2011
On 160 pages the work of the jurassien architect is presented. The work consosts of public buildings, housing, single family houses and artworks along the highway A 16, which made him busy the last 20 years. Published in the Birkhäuser Verlag
more projects Salvi Renato

image Groupe e, 2011
For the inauguration of the new building of the energysupplier Groupe e a book about the construction and the architetecture is edited. The architecture is from the Neuchâtel architects IPAS.
more projects IPAS architectes

image Werner Huber: Railway station Bern 1860-2010
The first modern railway station in Europe. One of the most discussed buildings in Switzerland. The railwaystation in Bern. Published from the SBB-Fachstelle für Denkmalschutzfragen and the Gesellschaft für Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte GSK.

image Monograph Graeme Mann & Patricia Capua Mann, 2008
Infolio Verlag is publishiung the first monograph of the Lausanne architects from Graeme Mann & Patricia Capua Mann.
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image Aeby Perneger 2008, De Aedibus 27
The 27th volume of the De Aedibus edition is dedicated to the architecture of Aeby Perneger Architects.
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image Swiss Re - Built Identity, 2007
The bigger buidings of this global Swiss Company are shown in this book. London, New York, Munich, Zürich and Rüschlikon
more projects Meili Marcel
more projects Foster Norman & Partner
more projects Bothe Richter Teherani

image La Maladière - Un sentiment d'éternité, 2007
In this book the history of the footballstadium La Maladiere in Neuchatel is dokumented. The architecture of the mnew building is from the Neuchatel architects Geninasca Delefortrie.
more projects GD Architectes

image De Adibus - Brauen + Wälchli, 2007
This edition of the series DE Aedibus of the Quart Verlag is dedicated to the Lausanne architects Brauen + Wälchli.
more projects Brauen + Waelchli

image Architectural photography 2006
This self published book shows architecture from the year 2006.

image Architectural photography 2005
This self published book shows architecture from the year 2005.

image Architectural photography 2004
This self published book shows architecture from the year 2004.

image Architectural photography 2003, Constructions
This self published book is concentrating on the fascination of construction sites. Photos from the years 1998-2003 have been used to illustrate the theme.

image Architectural photography 2003
This self published book shows architecture from the year 2003.

image Theatre du passage, Neuchâtel 2001
For the opening of the new theatre of Neuchatel this booklet appears in the S.A.I.T.R.N Verlag. The architecture is from Hunziker Hermann Chong

image Architectural photography 2001
This self published book shows architecture from the year 2000-2001.

image Architectural photography 1999
This self published book shows architecture from the year 1998-2000.