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Varanasi. Heavy traffic, 1993

Format: 31x26cm, Ringbindung 80 Seiten, Inkjet auf Tetenal matt

In Varanasi there is always rush hour. The crowded streets and lanes belong to the urban image like the cows and the ganges. Apart my two legs the main means of transportation were the omnipresent bicycle rikshaws. Most of the images were taken on the route Sonapura Road, Dasaswamedh Road, Luxa Road, Guru Nanak Road to the railway station from December 1991 until Mars 1993.

Varanasi. Curfew, 1991

Format: 31x26cm, Ringbindung 54 Seiten, Inkjet auf Tetenal matt

These photographs were taken in Varanasi in December 1991. Due to the planned destruction of a mosque in Ayodhaya India was covered by riots between Hindus and Muslims. The curfew in Varanasi has been imposed to protect the city of violent excesses between the two denominations. During this time the busy city became almost surreal quiet and calm The streets were almost empty.

Jainism, 1990

Format: 31x26cm, Ringbindung 72 Seiten, Inkjet auf Tetenal matt

Jainism is an indian religion with about 5 million followers which was founded 2500 years ago by Lord Mahavira, a contemporary of Buddha. The monks are looking quite unusual. To come close to the ideal of non-posession the ascetics of the Jain Digamber are walking naked on the streets of India. The Jain Svetamber are trying to live perfect non-violence by cleaning the streets with a broom and mouthmasks to avoid to inhale or scrunch insects. More then one year I travelled in North an Southindia to understand more about their lives.